You want to be there.

Those other worlds look real.

But they don’t sound real.

Or feel real.

Kannons change the game.

It feels more real because it IS more real. You can actually feel the action: When tanks move, you don’t just hear them — you feel them rumble.  You don’t just hear an explosion — you feel the impact.  And more important, you know where it happened. Taction’s high-fidelity, low-frequency output transports you deeper into the game than ever before.

Or is winning everything?

Taction Transporters use a different — and faster — neural pathway to your brain.  The result? A 20% improvement in reaction time. So you can find trouble before it finds you. Live longer, score higher, and beat your nemesis.

I’m a game designer and hardcore gamer… and these things are monsters for gaming…. Competitive gamers must get these headphones…. I might as well have seen through the walls…”  Luckbad,

How Kannons cut your reaction time

“…heightened degree of musical realism.”…”artfully combines a traditional dynamic driver with a well-crafted, proprietary Taction haptic driver.”

–Chris Martens, Hi-fi+

“… a masterfully accurate vibration that mirrors what you would feel in the real world.” 

— Ryan Shwayder, Basshead Club

“most visceral feeling headphone I have ever listened to or felt.”

The Journey Of Hi-Fi

“These are BAD ASS. …This is the future. It’s not genre-specific. It doesn’t matter what music you’re listening to. … Do I recommend this? Yes.”

— Hawaii BadBoy – The Best Bass Gear & Hardest Hitting Headphone Top 10 List – Head Fi

Feel it all

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