How Taction Extends Your Lifespan
(in the game, at least)

Taction Transporters don’t just make the game more real. Transporters can keep you alive, because they use cutting-edge science to speed up your reaction time.

Someone — or something — is out to get you. If you want to stay alive you need to find it before it finds you.

The other guy can’t react until he hears what’s coming.  With Transporters, you can react 20% faster, because you feel it first.

As we explained elsewhere, you don’t just perceive sound with your ears.  You also perceive it with your skin.

Of course, the neural pathway for touch is different from the neural pathway for hearing.  (That’s why deaf musician Evelyn Glennie can do such remarkable things.) In other words, signals from your skin get to your brain via a very different route than signals from your ears.

What’s critical for gaming is that the tactile pathway is faster than the audio pathway — about 20% faster.

Why?  Well, you can imagine why animals that react the fastest to the things that actually touch them might have an advantage to pass on to their descendants.

It also helps that the part of the brain that receives tactile inputs (the somatosensory cortex) is right next to the part that tells your body to move (the motor cortex).

Anyway, good academic research shows that you can react faster to tactile stimuli than you can to audio or even visual stimuli.

Our own small-scale testing with prototype Transporters further supports that conclusion. Taction gives a 60 millisecond advantage.

Does a 60 millisecond improvement matter?

On average, that’s about 20%.

At the elite level of most sports, an athlete who is 1% faster or stronger usually dominates.

20% improvements just don’t come along very often.

I’m a game designer and hardcore gamer… and these things are monsters for gaming…. Competitive gamers must get these headphones…. I might as well have seen through the walls…”  — Luckbad,

You may know that other headphones have used tactile transducers before.  So why don’t those products deliver these advantages?

Your ability to sense vibration has a threshold: vibration that are too weak to cross that threshold simply aren’t noticed. You can’t sense and react to a signal until it crosses that threshold.

The reason those headphones don’t help you win is that their transducers are based on linear resonant actuators (LRAs) or eccentric rotating mass motors (ERMs) that take a long time to generate a perceptible vibration — longer than the tactile advantage can make up.  And if the faster pathway in your brain can’t overcome the lag in generating the tactile signal in the first place  … no advantage.

Taction Transporters, on the other hand, are about as fast as conventional audio drivers. So you get the full 60 millisecond advantage.

Whether you tell your victims how you got so good… that’s up to you.

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