Music is important to you. And deep, powerful bass is important to music. It’s what makes a concert or a club experience so powerful — and so hard to recreate.

Until now.

Kannon headphones transmit the energy in your music the same way ginormous subwoofers do. Not just with sound, but with vibrations that you can feel. Taction’s new technology brings it — the heart-pounding experience that takes you there.

“…heightened degree of musical realism.”…”artfully combines a traditional dynamic driver with a well-crafted, proprietary Taction haptic driver.”

–Chris Martens, Hi-fi+

“… a masterfully accurate vibration that mirrors what you would feel in the real world.” 

— Ryan Shwayder, Basshead Club

“most visceral feeling headphone I have ever listened to or felt.”

The Journey Of Hi-Fi

“I have great respect for Taction…. Bassheads have often been marginalized by audiophiles…which, to me, is a perfect, perfect market. You know what? Bassheads have fun. They embrace what they like…. Want long-term success? ….Embrace what you are. And have fun with it. “

— Jason Stoddard, CEO Schitt Audio

With Kannons, when the beat drops, it lands. Hard.

But Kannons aren’t a one-trick pony. Kannons have been carefully tuned (by audiophile ears and by industry legend Walter Green)  to provide a high-end quality experience throughout the audio spectrum. So you hear everything — top to bottom — as the musicians and producers intended.

Kannons deliver frequency response and distortion numbers that compare favorably to those found in audiophile headphones costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

Feel what's been missing from your music

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