Corsair HS60 with Taction-enabled tactile bass is now available in black!

For the many folks out there who are curious about tactile bass but might not be that jazzed about sporting an arctic camo headset, we are very please to announce that Corsair is now shipping the HS60 Haptic headset in stealthy “Carbon” (black, that is).


The Corsair HS60 Haptic in Carbon is available now on Amazon,  and directly from Corsair. (If you dig arctic camo, that’s still available , too.)

HS60 Haptic named a top PC gaming headset for 2021

TechRadar named the Corsair HS60 Haptic one of the top PC gaming headsets you can buy in 2021.  In fact, they slotted it #2 among the top 15, and said the HS60 Haptic is “One of our favorite headsets ever, hands-down.”

HS60 Haptic: Best Gaming Peripheral of 2020

Spanish tech website Muy Computer says the the Corsair HS60 Haptic isn’t just the best headphone of 2020 — they were so impressed, they named it the best gaming peripheral, period (translated):

PCGamesN: "Most immersive gaming headphone"

PCGamesN compiled their list of the best gaming headphones of 2020. So of course the Corsair HS60 Haptic is on it.

Much like us, a lot of you out there treat PC gaming like a true experience rather than a simple passtime. Of course, the fuller tones provided by any of our suggested headsets will help suck you into the battlefield of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but nothing is quite as immersive as the physical feedback of the Corsair HS60 Haptic.

As its name suggests, the HS60 Haptic provides haptic feedback much like the rumble on a controller, meaning you can feel every gunshot and explosion through the earcups. You’d be right in thinking this is initially a jarring experience, but its directional approach can give you a distinct advantage in identifying whether the bullets are flying past you from the left or the right.

Read it here.

Legitreviews: "Once the Taction Transporters were engaged ... (t)he bass reproduction was astonishing..."

Sean Sinha at has seen the future:

Do you ever try something you never knew you wanted, but then can’t go without it? That’s how I feel about the HS60 Haptic headset. They sound great and even with the Taction Technology turned off, the stereo sound quality of the HS60 Haptic is clean and balanced. Once the Taction Transporters were engaged, it felt like my head was surrounded by a subwoofer, but without the discomfort of all of that air moving back and forth. The bass reproduction was astonishing, as you could actually feel bass that was missing when just the stereo drivers were being used. Rather than bass being muddy, it was clean and had punch, with the lower notes really giving a deep rumble. Using the HS60 Haptic and then switching to other gaming headsets, I immediately felt like I was missing something. From music to in-game, the haptic feedback just made me feel more immersed and gave the audio a more complete sound, with those previously hard to reproduce frequencies coming to life. Corsair isn’t the first to do a vibrating gaming headset, but based on my experience with the competition, they are the first to do it right.

Read the whole thing here.

TechRadar: "One of our favorite headsets ever, hands-down"

Easily one of the best headsets we’ve ever used, the Corsair HS60 Haptic boasts haptic feedback so that you can feel every single bass note, putting you right in the middle of all the action. It actually feels like you’ve just strapped a subwoofer comfortably to your head, and that’s without compromising the sound quality. With no Bluetooth or wireless radio connection to worry about, this isn’t a surprise. For those who enjoy multiplayer campaigns with friends, that mic not only provides incredibly clear voice input, but also comes with a few onboard controls for mic muting, volume and haptic intensity. Best of all, while this isn’t the cheapest headsets out there, it’s also not expensive, making it a great value for your money.

Awww, now we’re blushing…

Read it here.

Tom's Hardware: "the quality you’d expect at a fair price while tossing in something new that really stands out."

Nate Rand at Tom’s Hardware sees the value of Taction Transporters:

Taken as an effect to increase immersion, the haptic experience here is on the money. There really is something thrilling about being able to feel vibrations from explosions and gunfire on your head as you hear them simultaneously.

…(made) my gaming feel more immersive and enjoyable, and that is a clear win for the HS60 Haptic. I could even see it being useful for some dramatic movie watching.

…it’s certainly a fun feature that helps sculpt a more immersive gaming experience. The HS60 Haptic is a solid offering all around and is absolutely worth a look if you want a new way to experience game audio.


Basic-Tutorials: "the sound of the HS60 HAPTIC reveals everything"

German review site Basic-Tutorials gives the HS60 a gold medal (rough translation):

Every explosion, every impact, every dull step, every sound, however deep, is clearly conveyed. This allows the hearing and brain to process faster and thus also reveal the direction from which the sounds are coming. Then opponents can be killed faster than they can look, even though you hadn’t looked in the direction beforehand – the sound of the HS60 HAPTIC reveals everything.

Read the whole thing here.

Danish gaming site Connery: "the best immersion in the game I have had to date"

Danish gaming site Connery has discovered an extra dimension in its gaming:

Især i gaming er det vigtigt for gameplayet, og i shooters som CS og Call of Duty, er det livsnødvendigt at kunne afstandsbedømme. Derfor er gode gamerheadsets eftertragtede – og ofte dyre.

Corsair kender alt til dette, og deres nye headset HS60 Haptic, skyder en genial genvej, der trækker dette headset frem i flokken, som en helt speciel oplevelse.

det er længe siden jeg har haft en så stor wow-oplevelse med et par gaming hovedtelefoner.

Det er fedt – og jeg har ikke haft så intens en lydoplevelse, siden sidst jeg var i en IMAX biograf, og totalt opslugt af et omkringliggende massivt lydfelt.


Den alvorlige øjenåbner kom, da jeg tændte op for Call of Duty Warzone, og fik den bedste indlevelse i spillet, jeg til dato har haft.

Alt dette lader sig gøre, takket være en et par veloptimerede 50 mm neodynium højttalerenheder, og ikke mindst de præcise haptiske basenheder fra Taction Technology.

Anbefales uden at blinke. Corsair HS60 Haptic er en helt fantastisk indgang til gaming audio – især hvis du vil have virkelig stor lyd, uden at betale feinschmecker hi-fi priser for den.

(rough translation)

Especially in gaming, it is important for the gameplay, and in shooters like CS and Call of Duty, it is vital to be able to distance judge. That’s why good gamer headsets are coveted – and often expensive.

Corsair knows all about this, and their new headset HS60 Haptic, shoots an ingenious shortcut that pulls this headset forward in the herd, as a very special experience.

it’s been a long time since I’ve had such a great wow experience with a pair of gaming headphones.

It’s cool – and I’ve not had such an intense sound experience since I was last in an IMAX cinema, and totally engrossed in a surrounding massive sound field.

The serious eye opener came when I turned on Call of Duty Warzone, and got the best immersion in the game I have had to date.

All this is possible, thanks to a pair of well-optimized 50 mm neodynium speaker units, and not least the precise haptic base units from Taction Technology.

The Corsair HS60 Haptic is an absolutely fantastic entry for gaming audio – especially if you want really great sound, without paying gourmet hi-fi prices for it.

Read the whole thing here.

TechPowerUp: "...a great USB gaming headset with a unique haptic bass feature that makes it stand out from the crowd"

More plaudits from TechPowerUp:

The idea behind a haptic bass system sounds banal, even silly—whenever bass is reproduced, the ear cups vibrate. Who on earth would want that? This is the stance I had after testing a couple of “vibrating” headsets in the past, and what was on my mind going into this review.

After spending some 20 hours with the HS60 HAPTIC, I started turning into a believer. The Taction haptic bass technology isn’t as simplistic as other such solutions. While I can’t comment on its exact implementation as CORSAIR hasn’t released any specific information, what I can tell you is that it truly manages to achieve what it set out to: deeper immersion while gaming. The haptic system feels incredibly responsive and on point. CORSAIR lists some impressive numbers on the spec sheet, with a tactile frequency response of 15 Hz to 85 kHz, tactile rise time of 0.008 seconds, and tactile fall time of 0.085 seconds. Vibration was in sync with what was happening in front of my eyes. It was subtler when my character’s heart was pounding loudly and went all out with a tank rolling right past me, or a bomber dropping its deadly load on the base I was defending.

The CORSAIR HS60 HAPTIC is a great USB gaming headset with a unique haptic bass feature that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

…what you get is a well-rounded, highly recommendable gaming headset.

Read the whole thing here.

Enternity: "truly a game changer"

Here’s some Taction love from Enternity in Greece:

Ο ήχος πραγματικά ζωντανεύει είτε παίζει κανείς παιχνίδια είτε βλέπει βίντεο. Δοκιμάσαμε τα Corsair HS60 Haptic παίζοντας στο PC τίτλους όπως το Control και βλέποντας όλα τα trailer της Marvel και πραγματικά, μετά από αυτή την εμπειρία δεν είναι δυνατό να ξαναγυρίσουμε σε ένα απλό headset.

Τα Corsair HS60 Haptic είναι πραγματικά game changer όσον αφορά στην ακουστική εμπειρία που προσφέρουν, χωρίς να κοστίζουν πάρα πολλά χρήματα. –

(rough translation)

In practice now, the truth is that words are not enough to convey the experience that haptic technology brings to the user’s head. The sound really comes to life whether you are playing games or watching videos. We tried the Corsair HS60 Haptic playing on PC titles like Control and watching all the Marvel trailers and really, after this experience it is not possible to go back to a simple headset.

The Corsair HS60 Haptic is truly a game changer in terms of the audio experience they offer, without costing too much money.

Read the whole thing here.

Engadget: "Excellent at positional audio"

Kris Naudus blissed out on the feeling of Taction:

A few years ago I tried out Razer’s Nari Ultimate, a haptic headset that rumbles along with your music and games. I was not a fan. The feeling of something moving on my head was unsettling, and it didn’t really enhance the experience for me. I put the Nari Ultimate aside in favor of more traditional headsets that focused on comfort and audio. However, I’m rethinking my stance on haptics thanks to Corsair’s new HS60, which hits all the marks on quality while offering a solid rumble experience that I could even describe as therapeutic.

The HS60 is only a stereo headset, but it’s excellent at positional audio — I was particularly impressed when watching an episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, where a character walked across the screen, with the track switching so smoothly from one ear to the other that it sounded like he was passing behind me.

…a pretty great $130 headset, with solid audio and a good fit. The value of the haptics is just more apparent this year.

And she liked how Taction got her further inside music, too:

I still wasn’t completely sold on the concept until I experimented with a few tracks with thumping beats like Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean,’ with the headset pulsing against the edge of my jaw. I don’t normally enjoy bass-heavy music, but on the HS60 it actually felt good.

Read the whole review here.

"World's Best Vibrating Gaming Headset"

Looks like we have not one but two happy reviewers in Turkey.

We don’t speak Turkish, but Google translate tells me that DÜNYANIN EN İYİ TİTREŞİMLİ OYUNCU KULAKLIĞI means that VorisPei thinks the HS60 Haptic is the “world’s best vibrating gaming headset


And this looks like another positive review from Donanim Haber (Hardware News).

Teşekkür ederim, folks!

(If anyone can translate, we’d love to know what they actually said.)

PCWorld: "really effective, and it's pretty damned powerful"

Here’s what PCWorld’s Adam Patrick Murray had to say:

It’s really effective, and it’s pretty damned powerful

pretty visceral and helped me get immersed in the game play

felt pretty smooth to me

At $130, the HS60 Haptic is a really nice set of headphones.

Thanks, Adam!

Bit-tech: "better reaction times" with Taction Transporters

Bit-tech gets it: High-fidelity tactile transducers like our Transporters can make you better at the game.

When gaming, being able to feel the low-end frequencies from explosions or gun shots is satisfying. I genuinely believe I got better reaction times from being able to feel the direction of the enemy either walking close by, or getting a lucky shot on me from a distance. Quickly being able to adjust my positioning in game to avoid them or get them first.

Read the whole review here.

The Gamer: "HS60 Haptics Are Doing It Right"

The Gamer was very impressed with how Taction Transporters take you deeper inside the game:

It’s no gimmick, the HS60 Haptic headphones add a new sensory layer to any game and have the power to turn a mundane experience into a thrilling one.

The effect is undeniable, these haptic headphones (are) unbelievably good at amping up the action, and the crazier things get, the more effective they are.

The majority of time with the HS60s has been playing Star Wars: Squadrons in VR with flight stick controls. If you can pull this set up together, you absolutely must. Short of cockpit simulator rides you see at Dave & Busters, this is what I consider to be peak immersion, and the HS60s are doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

Corsair HS60 Haptics are doing it right.

Read the full review here.

Y una gran reseña en Español

Spanish gaming website Geeknetic digs the HS60 Haptic, too.

El sistema es direccional, por lo que puede generar vibraciones desde distintas zonas para simular un entorno de sonido virtual, lo que ayuda a reaccionar también más rápido que con solo sonido. Además, no solo las explosiones se ven afectadas, ya que en general cualquier sonido, sobre todo los que tengan un tono bajo, se potenciarán más o menos dependiendo de su fuerza….

Esto incluye a los disparos de nuestra arma, pero también de los enemigos, vehículos etc, dando una sensación muchísimo más inmersiva que, hemos de reconocer, no nos esperábamos antes de probarlos.

(rough english translation)

The system is directional, so it can generate vibrations from different areas to simulate a virtual sound environment, which also helps to react faster than with just sound. In addition, not only explosions are affected, since in general any sound, especially those with a low tone, will be more or less enhanced depending on its strength.

This includes shots from our weapon, but also from enemies, vehicles, etc., giving a much more immersive feeling that, we must admit, we did not expect before trying them.

Also, Geeknetic came up with a novel way to demonstrate the motion of the earcup that Taction can generate:

The verdict?  “El Major Para Juegos” — The Best For Games!

Read the whole review here.

Another glowing review from Tweaktown

Here’s what Tweaktown had to say:

“The HAPTIC has many positives, and I believe the vibration tech included in the headset will eventually become the future of gaming headsets, or at least it will be incorporated in many different headsets in the years to come.”

“…when Corsair advertises that this adds another level of immersion to your gameplay, it does — there is simply no doubt about that.”

“I love the idea of gamers being able to feel the sound and not just hear it, as I truly believe it adds another level of immersion that is yet to be truly understood. I also think that this new level of immersion will slowly become the norm for many gaming headsets, and Corsair is ahead of the curve with the HAPTIC.”


“The Bottom Line:

Corsair’s HS60 HAPTIC very well could be the future of gaming headsets. The HAPTIC lets you feel sound, adding a whole new level of immersion to your gameplay. It is simply a must-try.”

Read the whole review here.

Great review of Taction's first licensed product

Reviews of the Taction Transporter-equipped Corsair HS60 Haptic gaming headphone are starting to come in, and people are impressed.

Take a look at what British gamer site KitGuru has to say. Reviewer Christina Munro rated the HS60 Haptic 8.5 out of 10 stars and gave it a “Kit Worth Buying” rating.

From her review:

“added level of immersion”

“it’s like having a cinema on your head

“orientation was much better in games .. I could tell where I was getting shot from and where the explosions were going off with far more accuracy

“playing without the haptics really does feel empty”

“almost as if you’re standing right there when you’re shot or a bomb goes off”

“most definitely not a gimmick headset”

“the bass is powerful without making the rest of the frequencies muddy”

You can watch the whole thing here.

The discussion of tactile bass starts around the 7:08 minute mark.

Taction Technology Announces New Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset With Taction Transporter® Tactile Transducers

LOS GATOS, CA, October 15, 2020

Taction Technology, Inc. pioneers in highfidelity tactile transducers, announce they have partnered with CORSAIR®, a world leader in high-performance gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, to develop the Corsair HS60 Haptic – the first dedicated gaming headphone to feature patented* Taction Transporter® tactile transducers. Taction Transporters let gamers feel what they’ve been missing in their favorite games by delivering the deepest, most powerful tactile bass ever offered in a gaming headset. The Corsair HS60 Haptic is now available from Corsair,, and other leading retailers. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the HS60 Haptic is $129.99.

Press Release

Experience the World's Deepest Bass Headphones at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Feel the Kannons difference at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

October 6-8, 2017
Denver, CO
Fri: 12-7, Sat: 9-6, Sun: 9-4
Room: 5032, CANJAM 21-23, 2004

Kannon headphones will be available to audition courtesy of Schiit Audio and Taction Technology

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HeadFi's Kannons Thread

“…It’s pretty impressive how the bass is tight enough that it manages to gets out of the way of the mids for me without having to mess around with EQ at all…. I think it’s safe to say that anyone that considers themselves a basshead will be satisfied with these.”

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Kannons Review by Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

“Taction KANNON Headphones — the New Kings of BASS headphones”

Watch the Video Kannons Prototype Review

“It took about half a second for a wide grin to spread across my face when I first put the Taction Kannons on. It’s not a generic shaking sensation as soon as bass notes hit, it’s a masterfully accurate vibration that mirrors what you would feel in the real world were such a note played. …

Game changer? Hell yes. As a basshead-audiophile, I’ve always maintained that the vast majority of headphones massively fail in the bass department. Live music is a physical experience. You can feel the bass. A problem I’ve always had convincing purists of this always arises: Most bass-capable headphones sound like crap. Even if they don’t, it’s almost impossible to get visceral bass without bleeding into the other frequencies.

Taction technology solves this problem. ”

Read the Full Review

HeadFi: Luckbad's Kannons Review

“I’m a game designer and hardcore gamer in the real world, and these things are monsters for gaming. In fact, they’ve done tests and shown that gamers actually react faster with taction technology. It makes sense when you think about it. You detect touch much sooner than you process sound and sight. If someone is firing to your right, you react instantly because you can actually feel the location the shots are coming from. It’s like enabling a cheat code.”

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Pre-review by Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

Taction KANNON headphones (pre-review ramble)

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