Introducing the Taction Kannon –  a beautifully tuned headphone with accurate vibration that mirrors what you feel in the real world.

Comments from Reviewers and Users

Deep bass has been missing from personal audio and Taction has solved that problem.” — John Steinberg, recovering audiophile

I’m a game designer and hardcore gamer… and these things are monsters for gaming…. Competitive gamers must get these headphones…. I might as well have seen through the walls…” — see full review on www.Basshead.Club

Now available for PRE-ORDER. KICKSTARTER BUILD IS IN PROGRESS. ESTIMATED SHIPPING JANUARY 2017.   Pre-orders save $110 on the retail price. 

Kannon Closed-Back Headset

The Taction Kannon is a premium over-ear headset with audiophile-quality sound and high-fidelity tactile reproduction.  Low-frequency sounds that the body both feels and hears are rendered with unparalleled clarity.  The experience is immersive. breath-taking, powerful and precise.  The natural feeling of real sound is now possible in headphones.


  • Detachable Boom Mic
  • Taction Intensity Control via Ear Cup Touch Sensor
  • Inline Control of Volume and Microphone Mute
  • Cable for audio and USB power/recharge
  • Optional latching hard case with precision-cut foam


Style: Closed back circumaural

Acoustic Drivers: (40mm neodymium), (38 Ohm), (90 dB @ 0.11 V)

Taction Drivers: Tuned planar Nd magnet pairs

Acoustic Frequency Response: 10 – 30,000 Hz

Taction Frequency Response: 15 – 150 Hz

Weight: 345 gram